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We are a data-driven earned media company that links brand stories to storytellers in a journey towards the right audience.
Stories are ideas in action. We live in a time where we need narratives to cope with and improve our realities. But it is not easy to simply tell stories nowadays, especially when working with brand communications. The media landscape is a digital cacophony of voices, images and app notifications. To break the clutter and stand out in that ocean of things, choices, signs and messages takes more than a bland 'good idea'. Without a great idea and a powerful story to pass it on, brands will remain invisible.
We believe in the power of accumulated data knowledge.
In a world where relationships and influence are fragmented, transparency and truth prevail, and everything must be digital, there is no room for old-school metrics and practices. Brands and companies have to build stories and materialize them in a way they are powerful enough to be disseminated on their own. We believe in the power of accumulated data knowledge from years of paid media studies to link brand stories with storytellers - journalists, influencers, institutions - on a quest to always seek the right audience. When this is the scenario, the usual press releases become stories in the most different formats; Single Column Centimeter turns into TRPs, to ensure reliability of the impact in the target; And, finally, PR becomes Earned Media, and the brand effortlessly becomes part of an ongoing conversation.
soko is creative by heart, but data-driven at core.
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We don’t believe in subjectivity and all our efforts are always measurable. We redesigned traditional PR metrics in order to create an integrated way to understand project results and earned media performance. These new metrics not only help us to compare results with paid media, they also give us more clearly results regarding the impact of PR on consumer judgement. We split the metrics into three different groups: Earned Media Reach, Coverage Quality and Return on Investment. This is soko, Crafting Connections: a company that, while creates PRable stories, rewards users with novelty and places brands relevantly within this new reality of seamless conversations.
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